Samsung Heavy Industries


Houston, TX

Samsung Heavy Industries has successfully completed many of the world's largest shipbuilding projects, so they needed a highly innovative display for their appearance at the 2019 Gastech Exhibition. To highlight their forward-thinking products and unique capabilities, we collaborated on a 40' x 40' booth featuring three private meeting rooms, scaled models, and a virtual reality experience.

Blue LED lights lit up an expansive graphic that highlighted vital information about Samsung’s new floating LNG production facility. This illustration sets the backdrop for an educational scaled model.

A modern and welcoming public area gave way to innovative virtual reality technology. This VR experience compelled visitors to interact with Samsung Heavy Industries' products and capabilities in a more immersive way.

“Passion.” “Nature.” “Future.” This uniquely colorful wall design created a bright and dynamic facade for strategic product placement and eye-catching branding.

Blue and white LED lights atop minimalistic walls spotlighted striking product diagrams and vital new capabilities for visitors to engage and explore.

A meeting room branded with Samsung’s recognizable name and colors enabled private presentations and vigorous discussion, while a large conference-style table promoted brainstorming and creativity.

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