CES 2023

Las Vegas, NV

In collaboration with Capital Events and Atlas Expo, Togg's Digital Mobility Garden transformed a corner of CES 2023 into a tranquil, multisensory retreat where attendees could escape the bustling expo and explore Togg's innovative approach to future mobility.

The booth's centerpiece was a stunning halo-shaped LED screen suspended above the Beyond X capsule. This innovative feature captivated visitors, drawing them into the immersive experience Togg had designed. Within the Beyond X capsule, attendees were treated to Togg's vision of future mobility showcased on a massive curved screen, providing a unique and engaging encounter that left a lasting impression.

A key feature of the booth was the impressive 30-foot-wide by 24-foot-high moss wall, providing a visually striking backdrop and reinforcing the nature-inspired theme.

In addition, a "digital tree" with a real olive tree nestled within it further emphasized the seamless fusion of natural and technological elements.

Nestled among the wind, clouds, real and artificial trees, and a serene stream, visitors could appreciate the seamless blend of nature and technology.

The Tunnel of Reflections was a captivating installation that left visitors awestruck. The nearly 40-foot curved screen wall was paired with a matching mirror wall and ceiling, creating a mesmerizing, immersive experience. Adding to the enchanting atmosphere, a gentle water stream flowed along the path of the tunnel, seamlessly blending the elements of nature and technology and providing a memorable journey.

The booth also featured an interactive room with curved screens, inviting visitors to engage in a playful and immersive experience. As attendees danced within the space, their real-time digital avatars came to life on the screens, perfectly mirroring their movements. This innovative, entertaining feature captivated visitors, showcasing Togg's ability to seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technology into their booth design and provide a memorable, interactive experience.

The Togg booth's exterior warmly welcomed visitors with a wood-paneled counter.

A soothing break room provided attendees with a much-needed sanctuary to relax.

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