Hyundai L&C

KBIS 2020

Las Vegas, NV

Hyundai approached BTWN to create an intimate gallery experience to encapsulate their brand’s commitment to elevating the spaces where we live, work, and play.

The booth defied expectations, delighting visitors with a striking mix of minimalist design and bold displays of Hyundai L&C’s transformative materials.

The dark walls of the closed-off booth design stood in stark contrast with the bright, evocative colors inside, creating an exciting sense of discovery and surprise for visitors when they entered the space.

Various slabs were given their own space and displayed vertically on the walls, inspiring visitors to view each material like an individual painting.

A far cry from a typical home countertop showcase, the booth was laid out like a high end art gallery to encourage visitors to fully take in each slab.

Large format photography of natural spaces paired with with Hyundai’s slabs to exemplify Hyundai L&C’s drive to help customers live beautifully.

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