CES 2022

Las Vegas, NV

Togg, a Turkish startup, is poised to disrupt the EV market with a bold combination of established traditions and cutting-edge technology. In collaboration with Capital Events, this striking exhibit showcased Togg’s innovative vision for the future of mobility in their successful 2022 CES debut.

Placed side by side, the striking vehicle and a live olive tree symbolized the union of dueling ideas at the heart of Togg’s mission - old and new, nature and technology, mobility and sustainability.

Evoking a combination of tree canopy and Turkish mosaic, the LED ceiling composed of hundreds of diamond-shaped panels bathed the space in the brand’s natural turquoise colors.

A well-lit second-story lounge at the back of the exhibit provided prospects with a cozy and quiet space to conduct more formal meetings and discussions.

Double-sided vertical LEDs displayed captivating patterns from the outside to engage passersby while showing informative looping videos to visitors.

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