AHR 2019

Atlanta, GA

Leading global air conditioning manufacturer Tadiran needed an immersive exhibit that would set them apart from the crowd at AHR Expo 2019, the world’s largest HVACR event. We put our heads together and collaborated on the design for a 20' x 40' display that would simulate the residential and commercial applications of the company’s innovative products.

Large signage and prominent branding helped Tardiran make a lasting impression at a crowded show. A kiosk invited visitor interaction while a polished wooden reception counter offered a welcoming spot for discussion.

An elevated model house complete with a sample heating display enabled visitors to envision how these air conditioning products would look in a true-to-life setting. A modern glass table and comfortable chairs provided a nearby haven for interested prospects to meet with staff.

A prominent hanging banner ensured Tadiran would capture the attention of spectators near and far. Curious visitors perused the walkable gallery to inspect Tadiran products up close and personal.

A flat-screen TV captured attention with engaging video and eye-catching visuals. A branded wall mounted with best-in-class air conditioning products showed off Tadiran's smart technology and innovative designs.

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