Kia Motors

CES 2016

Las Vegas, NV

When Kia Motors wanted to host a booth at the world’s most prestigious tech conference, CES, they called us. We collaborated on a show-stopping, 60’ x 80’ interactive experience that put Kia’s newest models and concept cars on center stage.

An impressive double hanging structure and large video walls created an immersive, theatrical experience. While exploring the space, visitors could stop at interactive kiosks to learn more about the cars and their technology.

A glass cabinet teased the next generation of Kia technology that drivers will experience in the future.

Kia concept cars were on display behind glass barriers, allowing guests to get a close (but not too close) look at the futuristic vehicles.

Visible from across the sprawling CES floor, the theatrical lighting and ceiling structure completed the $500,000+ exhibit.

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