NPE 2015

Orlando, FL

YUDO, a global leader in the plastic injection molding industry, wanted all eyes on them at the world’s leading plastics trade show, NPE. So we designed and built a 3,200 square foot exhibit anchored by a striking, branded honeycomb header that couldn’t be ignored. Once inside the booth, attendees walked through a unique multimedia presentation tunnel that took them on a journey into the world of YUDO.

Visitors also got to experience a live demonstration of YUDO’s full-scale, automated machinery. We hid the base under 20,000 plastic balls—a trick that not only served as a playful reference to YUDO’s business line, but also saved on shipping expenses.

We also provided a cafe and conference rooms to entice attendees to stay within the exhibit space, fulfilling both of YUDO’s goals at NPE.

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